Louie Boutique pride ourselves on our approach to…

Local production – using skilled artisan experts with a combined experience of many years. All of our products are hand made, with limited machinery – if it’s not up to our standards it won’t be on sale.

Organic materials
– are used throughout. If we are not sure of the source then we don’t buy it and most certainly don’t include it in our products.

Sustainability – it might be a buzzword now. But we have always had it as an over riding value. Everything we use in our production processes must fit in with our approach, the Louie Boutique way of viewing the world. So we can bring you the very best products that contribute to a better planet.

Our artisan crafters – we help all of our artisans focus on what they do best. That is producing their very best work in every single product.

Christmas Themed Baby Booties
Christmas Theme – Baby Booties 2021