Booties are a great way to keep your child's feet warm and they make a unique fashion statement. Booties can also help your child's feet develop properly.

Why Handmade Booties?

Booties that are handmade provide the best fit for your child's delicate feet and provide more comfort compared to machine manufactured booties.

Reasons to Avoid Factory-made booties!

Your baby's feet are so delicate when they're born, they can't wear factory-made shoes until their feet have fully developed. Their cute, sensitive little feet can face issues as they develop if shoes are worn too early.

Shoe contact dermatitis

Shoe dermatitis is caused by allergens present in any component of footwear, including leather, adhesives, dyes, metals, rubber and pharmaceuticals.


Due to odor some bacterial and fungal infections may take place that are not safe for your little ones.

Decreases Growth rate

Your babies feet grow much faster after their birth, factory-made shoes can impact their natural growth.

Benefits of Using Handmade Booties

Louie Boutique’s artisan creation team, design and manufacture with all this in mind. We use sustainable and biodegradable materials from the design, creation and packaging of our ranges, helping to reduce carbon emissions for your babies future. We also create them here in the UK.

Medically Recommended

In a study conducted by Professor Diana DiBenedetto, with children who wore booties from birth until their feet were fully developed to wear shoes, it revealed three main reasons why babies should wear handmade booties over factory-made shoes.

  1. The bones and ligaments in their feet were stronger.
  2. The children who wore handmade booties from birth reported that they felt less tired.
  3. Their feet developed to fit into the correct size of shoes as they get older, as opposed to purchasing shoes, being slightly incorrect in size, leading to further issues in posture.

NOTE: The Purpose of Louie Boutique is to Provide your little one with luxury, artisan handmade, sustainable & biodegradable booties which can be personalized for that special touch!