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Today, customers are more controlled by technology, namely, over their purchasing power. More brands move their attention from the retailer's initial approach to shopping focus, as they become more aware of the items and services they provide. Consequently, there is now a greater need to cooperate between brands and merchants than ever in order to satisfy customers' real-time needs.

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 Why join us and what kind of benefits you can get

These changes in shoppers’ demand brands and merchants to seamlessly interact to improve their shopping experience – both in-house and online. Indeed, the research carried out by Accenture shows effective employees may achieve operating margin improvements of 2-10 percent as well as cost reduction for both groups - lowering store logistics expenses by 3-4 percent and brands' production costs by 5-15 percent.

It should also be noted that good teamwork may optimize inventory management; it can increase inventory stock by 5-8%. For physical and mortar shops, this is crucial, since consumers who are looking for a certain product are more inclined to go to a different store. Such conduct is peculiar to physical businesses, though. Online consumers are more likely to choose an alternative purchase when an item is out of stock.

This demonstrates that partnership enhances not just important business activities – such as risk management and inventory management – but is also a major element in brand growth and retail sales. 

  • Establishing good partnerships

Early in this connection should begin the process of building a strong cooperation effort. Providers and retailers should at this stage create a clearly defined joint plan and be complemented by key performance metrics such as: 

  • Great Level
  • Comprehensive sales
  • Inventory
  • Buyer-oriented insights
  • Analytics promotional
  • Offered 

It is vital that both sides regard this endeavor as genuine cooperation. Instead of trying to outsource everything to each other, this will help them work together.

More brands are also aware that shoppers must work together to guarantee that product information can be accessed when they need it. Almost 60 percent of customers see product information and pricing when using their mobile phones in the stores, according to Retail Dive. Sharing data is only one approach to enhance loyalty and strengthen connections with customers for both groups. 

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