Did you know that cotton is the most widely used fabric in the world?

Organic Cotton products

Just let that sink in for a moment. Statista.com have reported that during the year of 2019/20, more than 122 million bales of cotton were produced, each weighing 480 pounds.

Cotton is commonly known as the dirtiest crop in the world, and for good reason. Cotton is grown on just 2.5% of the worlds agricultural land, and yet it is responsible for more than 15% of the global use of pesticides and more than 5% of herbicides used each year. This makes it extremely harmful for the environment.

Organic cotton is fast becoming a more favourable alternative that is kinder on our planet. When grown organically, cotton is not genetically modified, which means a lower yield. Organic cotton requires 90% less fresh water than its genetically modified counterpart, uses 60% less energy during the life cycle of the plant, and emits 45% less Co2 gases, which results in a reduction in soil erosion.

With all of this considered, switching from commercial cotton to organic cotton is a fantastic way to reduce the damage that the fashion industry contributes to our planet.

At Louie Boutique we are committed to using only organic cotton in the production of our handmade products. We recognise the importance of doing our best to protect the environment through the ethical sourcing of organic and sustainable cotton.

Why organic cotton is better for your child

Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and is more porous than an adults, meaning it absorbs more of anything that it comes into contact with. This includes the harsh chemicals, pesticides and dyes that are commonly used in the production of non-organic cotton and have been found linger in the final product.

organic cotton baby shoes


By choosing organic baby clothing for your child you are avoiding these harmful chemicals, resulting in a reduced the risk to your baby. Organic cotton is handpicked, rather than harvested by machines. This allows the full length of cotton fibres to be kept intact, allowing the production of a super-soft cotton yarn that is gentler on your baby’s delicate skin.

These undamaged fibres are hypoallergenic, meaning they contain no substances that are known to cause an allergic reaction, they have even been proven to help soothe distressed babies. Cotton is also a very resilient fibre, allowing it to retain its natural state, which gives it anti-microbial properties and resistance to mould.

As our products are produced using organic materials, they will be comfortably wearable over a longer period when cared for correctly. Due to their natural properties, Louie Boutique products are perfect whatever the season. Our handknitted booties offer ultra-cosy comfort in the winter months, whilst also giving ventilation during the summer.

Their versatility and quality mean they last for years, perfect for any little brothers or sisters that may come along in the future.

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