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Our Vision

We project to be the leading brand of sustainable handmade knitted products that are kind to the environment, employees, our partners and the animal kingdom.

We achieve this through a combination of sustainable textiles & eco-friendly processes with exemplary style, quality and customer service.

Our Business

Louie Boutique Store. High quality natural knitted and crochet products.

Louie Boutique Academy which promotes and teaches knitting and crochet through monthly membership options. We deliver courses from beginner level through to intermediate and expert. We also work through our charity partners at reduced rates and promote therapeutic values and benefits.

Louie Boutique Market Place is a networking platform that allows our members and partners to sell their own products.


No animal or animal-derived fabrics are used in our direct products. We use sustainable fabrics, which don’t have restricted chemicals and minimal environmental health and safety (EHS) impact. Other initiatives we support include Mental Health awareness and well-being.

Strict compliance with our Sustainability Goals ensures necessary trust is consolidated with all stakeholders.

Independent assessments of our quality and compliance ensures alignment with EHS requirements globally.

All fabrics sourced are free of chemical products and are exceptionally user friendly.

Our Values

Our business is founded on the dual objectives of achieving the targets for which it was founded and in being a profitable business.

Our core purposes are to provide natural organic knitted products which focus on attention to detail in product design, manufacture, delivery and customer service. We pride ourselves in offering unique, tailor made designs that last longer and do not harm the environment. We are committed to giving better value and reducing carbon emissions when manufacturing. We support selected charities and promote awareness in mental health as well as offering apprenticeships and Get Back to Work schemes.


If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

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